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Vacation Bible School (VBS)

                                                 Summer Family Resources

To ensure the safety and sanitation of our building, Childcare children & staff, and VBS kids and volunteers, Peace Lutheran will NOT be having in-person Vacation Bible School (VBS) in Summer 2020.


We will be having videos with songs & actions and a lesson each Monday @ 9:00am with Mr. Brockman and guests, starting June 8th. Those videos will premire on both Facebook and YouTube at 9:00am and be available any time after that. We will also have craft and snack ideas for each week that corresponds with the video's lesson. We will also have a list of activities for families and kids for the Summer months. We pray that these resources will be a benefit and blessing for you and your family this summer!

You can watch Summer Bible Tales from past weeks by clicking this link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQoUaij9lFhdU4eSgaEnBDDIaXFlXXvQr

Click here for a list of activity ideas for the summer!


This week's craft is a Disciple Diorama! You'll need to print off a copy of Appendix A and B per child (you'll only use half of Appendix B) - click here! You'll also need crayons or markers, tape, and scissors. If this craft is too complicated for little ones, or they need another craft, print off Appendix C and color to liking.

Here's how the craft works:

1) Print a copy of Appendix A & B per child.
2) Cut out hald of Appendix B (either the left or right half). Color, then set aside.
3) Color Appendix A to your liking.
4) Tape the pieces of Appendix B onto the right locations of Appendix A
        a. The chest piece reminds us that a Disciple prays and worships God
        b. The Bible piece reminds us that a Disciple reads God's Word and                  learns from it
        c. The hand giving a gift reminds us that a Disciple shares the gifts                 God has given them with others
        d. The hand reminds us that a Disciple invites others to church and                  into a relationship with Jesus
5) Place this craft somewhere you will be reminded of what a Diciple of Jesus is!


Need a snack this week? Check out this week's suggestion - Sharing Mix! This snack reminds us that as Jesus' disciples we are called to share God's Word and love with others! Recipe Card below: 



Please contact Blake Brockman if you have any questions or need assistance. 715-623-2200 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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