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Philosophy & Educational Task

The purpose of Peace Lutheran School is to provide an education for children from a Scriptural point of view. It serves Peace Lutheran Congregation, the city of Antigo, and the many communities surrounding Antigo. Peace provides this education so that the children may, through God's Word and Spirit:

  • know God and His forgiving love which He extends through His Son, Jesus Christ,
  • respond to that love with lives of Christian faith, worship, and service,
  • become disciples of Jesus,
  • identify themselves as children of God, members of Christ's body,
  • grow in self-understanding and self-acceptance,
  • relate responsibly to God's creation by acquiring knowledge and understanding,
  • develop talents and skills for responsible living and Christian service.

Peace Lutheran School will provide teaching, learning, and other experiences to enable children:

  • to learn and master the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics,
  • to learn about the world around them through the study of science, art, music, computer science, and the social sciences
  • to learn more about themselves and their capabilities through health and physical education
  • to develop attitudes and skills in order to become a life-long learner,
  • to develop skills of self-discipline appropriate for home, classroom, school, and the community
  • to develop understandings and skills in the interpretation and use of the Bible.

Affirmation of our purpose.

  • Peace Lutheran School was established and is maintained by the members of Peace Lutheran Congregation.
  • Peace Lutheran School is and will remain distinctively Lutheran.
  • As Peace Lutheran School reaches out to the Antigo community, our Lutheran Christian doctrine will remain the central focus in our efforts to integrate the faith and make disciples.

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